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TOC Global Showcase Speaker

Rob van Gils
Managing Director
Drive Line Systems (DLS)


“Life is short. So if you have to work, make sure that you enjoy your job” 

Rob van Gils, born in 1965, has always been fascinated and engaged with technology. From his technical studies in electric engineering, electronics and telematics, to his 30-year career in sales, design and project management of technical installations and systems. This fascination is also present in his hobbies: renovating oldtimer sports cars, and repairing vintage audio systems and electronics. 

In his work he combined his passion for technology with his ability to analyze and understand problems, thus creating solutions for technical and operational challenges. Thinking in possibilities and chances, he is always seeking for ways to create new business opportunities and serve new markets. 

In 2018 he joined Drive Line Systems (DLS) as partner and CEO. DLS has over 55 years of experience in delivering on- and off-road powertrain solutions for heavy duty applications. In recent years the company focus expanded with solutions in green mobility and smart mobility, e.g. emission control technology, (hybrid) electrification, (remote) vehicle diagnostics, cloud-control, and predictive maintenance. 

In his daily job Rob helps companies to comply to environmental regulations, and become more efficient. He does this by providing them with solutions that are profitable for both the customer and the environment. 
In addition, he helps colleagues to achieve their personal and business goals. His broad experience in both business processes as well as personal drivers and motivation of people leads the team to personal and business growth.