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TOC Global Showcase Speaker

Selwyn Rowley
Director of Sales & Marketing
BLOK Container Systems 


Selwyn and his team of product design engineers at BLOK Container Systems (BCS) are pioneering new quayside equipment and layouts designed to maximise the efficient use of STS Cranes, improving productivity by 30% or more. 

Vessels have become progressively taller and wider to help the shipping lines achieve economies of scale. However, the increased crane travel time and container vessel volumes has adversely affected improvement in the pace of loading and unloading, a challenge that BLOK Container Systems is helping to address. The company is providing equipment and processes for the efficient multiple handling of containers which can be used by the majority of container terminals. 

Turnaround time in port is critical to maintaining the most efficient schedules for shipping lines. Maximising crane efficiency through multiple handling is a cost effective way to move containers faster, reducing fuel use and emissions and helping to meet increasingly stringent sustainability targets. 

BLOK Container Systems is also providing automation equipment and pinning station systems to fit and remove twistlocks faster and reduce stevedore exposure to the risks associated with overhead cranes and straddle carriers and adding to the options for moving containers quickly around container terminals. 

Selwyn has worked as an international trade economist and has many years of experience in engineering business and global marketing consultancy.