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TOC Global Showcase Speaker

Mani Chellappa
Senior Manager, Business Development
RAM Spreaders


I head new products development and intellectual property management at Ramspreaders. Before Ramspreaders, I was the technical head in a business that specialized in engineering solutions for the construction and marine industries. My specialization is in merging experimental technology with parts created using traditional methods like metal machining.

I joined the Ramspreaders’ team in 2017 to fast track the development of a fully automatic handling system to cater to the pinning aspect of container operations. Besides the PinSmart technology which is now available for implementation, Ramspreaders has also developed the Launcher range of products which will be available in May ’21. 

In 2010 I received funding from the Singapore government to build a prototype of the Auto Stevedore, a vision aided robot for twistlock handling in container operations. The project was successfully completed in 2012. Ramspreaders has now upgraded that technology to a system that picks twistlocks from vessel bins for installation on containers.