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Press Releases

TOC Global Showcase 2021: Recovery & Refocus

This brand new virtual experience – the first of its kind lasting for three weeks – gives the globe’s ports and terminal community the chance to erase boundaries and get together, uniting continents and making the maritime & port sector feel like one big family spread out across the world. 

TOC Guest Blog: The Road to the Full Electrificiation of Heavy-Duty Vocational Trucks

Effenco recently introduced its new 100% electric solution, which is poised to radically transform the vocational trucking sector in general and the port’s operations specifically. The company developed a technological solution that makes it possible to offer a 100% electric heavy-duty vehicle at the same purchase price as diesel equivalents...

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Drive Data Visibility and Smarter Decision Making

Inadequate visibility and tracking of data and assets at terminals creates opportunities for improvements in areas such as reducing maintenance for equipment, container damage tracking, and vessel efficiency improvements.

An Innovate New Online Experience from TOC Events Lies in Store...

In times of pandemic and webinars galore it has become somewhat difficult to impress the virtual crowd with new ways to deliver content in the digital world. Yet, TOC Events Worldwide has done just that with its TOC Global Showcase: a three-week long series of online events featuring keynotes, networking, and solution discovery...